P4.B1 Level 4 Palais des Festivals


Welcome desk  +33 (0)4 92 99 86 04

Stand opening hours
– Sunday, April 2: 15.00 > 18.00
– Monday, April 3 > Wednesday, April 5: 9.00 > 19.00
– Thursday, April 6: 9.00 >18.00

N.B. You must remove your material from the stand before the stand closes on the last day.

At the Welcome Desk
– You will be given a registration form to return together with your business card. You will then be given your lanyard which will identify you as a participant, having access to all services and facilities.
– Ask for the password for wi-fi access. Please do not share it with others.

Stand layout & facilities

Welcome area
– arrange appointments with your contacts;
– check whether messages have been left for you;
– put your promotional material in the A4 displays along the walls;
– book private meeting rooms;
– make contact with one of the consultants providing advisory services;
– who’s who: check photos and participant details on a dedicated PC console and send messages to other participants.

Who’s Who
Two computer consoles – one on each floor (near the welcome desk and the bar) – for you to look up other participants, find their photos and send them a message.

Clusters of dedicated company booths
These booths are clustered by the company’s predominant activity – animation, documentary, entertainment, fiction.

Private free Bar
– From 9.00: coffee and croissants
– Throughout the day: tea, coffee and soft drinks
– 17.00 > 19.00, Monday > Thursday: Happy Hour.

Lounge and bar area
– Tables for small meetings close to the bar area. Tables must be vacated after a reasonable period.
– Who’s who: check photos and participant details on a dedicated PC console and send messages to other participants.

Advisory service area
Dedicated to our consultants. Make contact via the Welcome Desk.

Internet and computer area
Computers (PCs) for common use on the 5th floor.
These computers are for viewing e-mail via webmail only. They have Internet access, are equipped with standard Microsoft Office programmes and Acrobat Reader, but do not have software for downloading audiovisual material.

Charge your computer at dedicated desks in this area.

Workshop area
Workshops and Buyers’ Briefings are held in a dedicated Workshop Room.

Private meeting rooms
You can make up to two bookings a day for a half hour each, and on a first come, first served basis. We enforce this time limit strictly. Make your bookings at the Welcome Desk.
You can cancel bookings up to two hours in advance. All your future bookings will be cancelled if you fail to take up your two bookings on one day.

Storage room
This is in an unmarked area alongside the office.
It is for materials. Please do not leave valuables in this area.
This area will be locked every day at 19.00.


If you intend to send material directly to the stand, it is strongly advised that you use an officially accredited freight agents, e.g.:

8, rue Notre-Dame
06400 CANNES (France)
T +33 4 92 59 27 27
F +33 4 93 68 38 11
Contact: Eric FOLCO

Dispatch label model
Name of Sender
Name of Consignee - Name of exhibitor’s company.
Creative Europe MEDIA Stand - P4.B1
Esplanade Georges Pompidou


How to register for MIPTV 2017

If you have not already received your MIPTV badge in the post, go to Registration.
Take with you the e-ticket which Reed MIDEM will have sent you by e-mail a few days before MIPTV 2017.
When you register, pick up your MIPTV guide and your delegate bag.
Then head for the MEDIA stand at P4.B1 in the Palais des Festivals. If you do not register with the standd you will be considered to be a no-show. This could affect your eligibility for the future.

Registration opening hours

SA  1   9.00 > 19.00
SU  2   8.00 > 19.00
MO 3   8.00 > 19.30
TU  4   8.30 > 19.00
WE 5   8.30 > 19.00
TH  6   8.30 > 16.00

How to collect your badge

By post: If you registered well in advance, paid in full and provided a photo, your badge will arrive by post one week prior to the show, providing you with direct access to the event.

E-ticket: An e-ticket will be sent to you via email a approximately 4 weeks before the event. You can either print it out and save time by scanning the barcode at a badge delivery point in the Registration Area or simply have it ready to scan on your mobile via the MIPTV mobile app. It is also available in the Online Database.

Registration area: Collect your badge at the registration desk with your e-ticket or a valid ID.


Stand welcome for newcomers

  • Sunday, April 2, 15.00 > 18.00

Come to P4.B1, on Level 4 of the Palais des Festivals, and Pierre Hupin and his team will show you around the stand.

Advisory service

If you are interested in using this service at MIPTV, please contact Daniel Zimmermann
T +33 6 60 71 44 85


Our team of consultants will be available on request for 1/2 hour one-to-one meetings, which can be scheduled at the Welcome Desk. For details, contact

Buyers’ briefings and workshops

Up to 10 buyers each day tell you what they are looking for. See the Programme pages of this site in the run-up to MIPTV for details of these, of invitation-only events and of workshops.

Happy Hour

Open to all comers. Come to the bar for a glass of wine at 17.00 each day, and invite your contacts.


These are held on the stand and are part of our programme of workshops. Please consult the Programme page of this website in the run-up to MIPTV.