Key takeaways from the third day's programme on the Creative Europe MEDIA stand

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Viasat World Limited, UK

Viasat World is the new entity, which has replaced the Modern Times Group since May 2016.
They buy factual content for three Pay TV channels (history, nature, Explore), mainly series.
This public TV channel based in Novi Sad acquires 48% of its programming and is mainly looking for drama series and one-offs, animation and live action programmes for children and documentaries (society, science, current affairs, history, no link to Balkan region needed).
Currently looking for good drama series for children 10-12 to be broadcast on the web only (more than 6 episodes.)
The kids value chain is diversifying rapidly, presenting new opportunities for content owners. There is plenty of room for horizontal integration, particularly around merchandising and production. Youngest kids (under 10) have the biggest impact, and tablets are the best device to reach them with.
International distributors are not only sellers; they are also experts on international market trends, buyers’ needs, etc. If you contact a distributor early,  they can help secure subsidies for your project, e.g. from the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme.