Key takeaways from the second day's programme on the Creative Europe MEDIA stand

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BBC Children's programming

Check Jackie Edwards' updated profile for new information about the needs and acquisition policies of CBBC and CBeebies.


Now asking for catch-up rights (90 days) for their VOD outlet "Areena".

TV Catalunya

Looking to acquire more commercial animation and content for their website.


Video 360/Virtual Reality: From Production to Distribution

You cannot save money on cinematic VR without losing the illusion of reality. The good news is that is very possible to find financing for a VR production. Lots of players are eager to get involved in this new technology, including the classic funders (e.g. broadcasters) as well as HTC, Oculus, Google, etc.


The Route to Legal Success with TV Commissioners


Commissioning agreements can be long and intimidating. But in order to protect yourself, it is essential to read them thoroughly.