Head of Acquisition
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Genres Docs & Factual | Format | Feature Films | Drama | Series | Sports/Leisure
Company Description The free TV channel Servus TV is part of the Red Bull Media Group and broadcasts in all German-speaking territories. It is a general entertainment channel.

It offers a wide variety of programming ranging from exciting sports and the latest news, informative magazines and reports, to stunning documentaries and exclusive concert events.

Red Bull TV is also part of the Red Bull Media Group. It is a digital channel focused on youth culture (adventure, sports, culture and music).
Looking for - History
- Nature & wildlife
· Science & knowledge
· Documentary features
· Adventure & expedition
· Arts & culture
· Urban culture
· Discovery
Policy & Volume of Acquisition Servus TV broadcasts approximately 7 hours of documentary content per day.
Pre-buys and acquisitions are both possible.

For Red Bull TV, more in-house productions.
Audience Red Bull TV: 20+, male
Length From 27´ to 52´ and also over
Territories German-speaking
Licence - Servus TV: in general, 3 years + catch-up rights - free TV for Germany, Switzerland, Austria
- Red Bull TV: free VOD, general internet rights, generally 5 years but each contract is negotiated according to the programme.
Updated Post-MIPTV 2017