Chairman and CEO Eurochannel Group
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Genres Feature Films | Series | Sports/Leisure
Company Description Eurochannel Group develops two TV channels: Eurochannel and AllegroHD.
Eurochannel is a global television channel dedicated to promoting European culture and lifestyle through movies and series. It was launched in 1994.
Eurochannel offers only subtitled European programmes, and is available in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
AllegroHD is a channel dedicated to music and creative recordings. It is available in America.

Looking for Feature films, TV series and short films.
Creative music recordings.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition Eurochannel Group is open to both pre-buys and completed programmes.
Language All European languages are welcome.
Audience People interested in Europe and in European cinema. Music lovers.
Length Flexible
Licence Three-year non exclusive TV broadcast licence, unlimited runs.
Contact by Send submission to: Christian Poccard VP Programming and Acquisitions
Updated Post-MIPTV 2017