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Genres Docs & Factual
Company Description ORF is the Austrian public broadcaster, operating two terrestrial TV channels and one satellite channel for sports, information and culture, with a market share of over 38%.
3sat is a public, advertising-free, television network in Central Europe. The programming is in German and is aimed primarily at audiences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the major countries of the German-speaking world). Since 2003, it can be viewed by 40 million households in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and 85.5 million households in Europe. ORF provides 3Sat with 26% of its programming.
Looking for Documentaries on arts & culture, society.
No current affairs.
High quality in storytelling, filming and framing, strong characters.
Important: related to the audience of German-speaking countries.

Mostly one-offs, a few series.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition We buy in general, exceptions in co-producing are possible, if the story is strongly related to Austria.
Language German versions are preferred, but we do make Austrian versions of films in foreign languages too.
Audience Average age 62 years old
Prices To be negotiated
Length 52-90'
Licence Three years, two runs + catch-up viewing (7 days)
Contact by Send synopsis/trailer/finished material by e-mail/via server.
Other contacts For fiction: angelika.mueller@orf.at
Updated Post-MIPTV 2017