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Genres Animation | Kids & Teens
Company Description Ketnet is the public children's television channel in Flanders, Belgium owned and operated by the VRT, Flanders' public broadcaster. It broadcasts a mix of locally produced and imported productions for children up to 12 years old, daily from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m.

All programmes are available for free through and a free Ketnet app. These digital platforms also contain a digital community (+100,000 active profiles), games, contests, music etc.

Ketnet’s main value is to empower children and support them: we want to stimulate them to connect and engage, and help them grow up to be self-confident adolescents.

Ketnet is a genuine 360° love brand: it not only connects with children through TV/online, but interacts with them in real life through live events, movies, theater productions, musicals, merchandising, CDs, DVDs, and more.
Looking for All types of children´s programmes: Animation, live action, game shows, discovery and magazines.

Right now, they are mostly looking for comedy programmes.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition They can co-produce (mostly animation), pre-buy or buy. If they do a co-production, a Belgian producer will be needed.
Language They dub everything into Flemish-Dutch, except for programmes for children 9-12 where they can subtitle.
Audience Children up to 12 years old
Prices EUR 100 to 250 per minute for pre-buys and acquisitions
Length Any length up to 60´
Territories Belgium
Contact by Send any material possibly including a trailer or a pilot. Reading committee every 6 weeks.
Other contacts Telidja Klai - Programme Acquisition and Co-production Animation -
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