Head of Acquisitions & Coproductions
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Genres Docs & Factual | Feature Films | Drama
Company Description "Histoire" is one of the thematic channels of the TF1 group.
Focusing on history only, the channel offers mainly documentaries, but also some talk shows, fiction and feature films to its 9 million subscribers.
Looking for Exclusive content.
- Original, new angles on history, all kinds of formats: biographies, etc.;
- Documentaries on all historic periods, from the ancient to the contemporary;
- Feature films: old films (from 1930, 1940), open length if the content is interesting.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition Almost 80% of the programming is dedicated to documentaries.
They acquire, produce, co-produce and sometimes pre-buy.
70% of the content is acquisitions (300 hours per year).
For co-productions: better to have a French partner.
Language Any language, they dub or sub-title according to the type of programme.
Prices EUR 2,000 to 3,000/hour
EUR 1,100 per half-hour
Length Any length
Territories Exclusive: France, Andorra and Monaco - Non-exclusive: French-speaking Europe and Africa.
Licence 24 months, 24 runs
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Updated Post-MIPTV 2017