Commissioning Editor
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Genres Docs & Factual
Company Description ORF is the Austrian public broadcaster, operating two terrestrial TV channels and one satellite channel for sports, information and culture, with a market share over 38%.

Universum is a successful weekly prime-time documentary series with high production values, a strong narrative structure and top photography, which has already won numerous awards at international festivals.

It has 2 weekly slots: Nature on Tuesday at 8.15 p.m. and History on Friday at 10.40 p.m.
Looking for One-hour story, character-led documentaries with high production values. Really “good-looking” films.
Blue-chip programmes for the natural history slot.

Docu-dramas only for the history slot, should have a link with Austria.

Prefer one-offs to series.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition Co-productions are possible via broadcasters or via Austrian production companies.
Few pre-buys.
Looking to acquire for two documentary slots:
- Tuesdays, 8.15 p.m. (wildlife: blue-chip natural history);
- Fridays, 10.40 p.m. (history: any period, must be attractive for Austrian audience, e.g. The Mistresses of the Congress of Vienna).
Language Make Austrian versions of all non-German-language documentaries.
Audience Average age 62 years old, and family viewing.
Prices EUR 20,000 to 60,000 for co-productions.
EUR 5,000 per hour for acquisitions.
Length 43’, 52’. No fillers, no shorts
Licence Three years, two runs + catch-up viewing
Updated post-MIPCOM 2015