Commissioning editor/buyer
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Genres Docs & Factual
Company Description ORF is Austria's public service broadcaster, operating two terrestrial TV channels and one satellite channel for sports, information and culture, with a market share of over 38%.
Looking for TV Documentaries on religion, social & human interest for a slot on Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. Social issues but always connected to morality, spirituality and ethics. Critical classical current affairs documentaries, history with a religious angle (for example, Hinduism).
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 40% acquisitions 20% co-productions and productions (sometimes in-house).
Audience 60% female
Prices Around EUR 4 000 per hour. Up to EUR 10 000 for pre-sales. For co-productions, between EUR 15 000 and 30 000.
Length From 35´to 52´- sometimes 90`
Contact by Send a summary by e-mail + trailer.