Managing Director
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Genres Docs & Factual
Company Description Albatross World Sales, based in Leipzig, is a joint venture of the German production companies Taglicht Media, Marco Polo Film and Berlin Producers. It is an independent international distribution company delivering award-winning and high-quality documentaries for television, home entertainment and new media worldwide.
Looking for Documentaries on natural history, science, history, current affairs, travel, culture and art. Coming mostly from small production companies (doing 1 to 5 hours per year).
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 250 hours of programmes in their line-up, mostly German but not a bar to others. Can also help to look for co-producers, pre-sales and LOCs, and put an MG in place. Selling mostly to Western Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. No MGs but can help with English version for the international market.
Prices Commission: 35%, no overheads, no marketing fees.
Licence 5 years, world rights