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Company Description Estonian Public Broadcasting ERR has two TV channels - ETV and ETV2.
ETV is Estonia’s biggest public service TV channel. It started broadcasting on 19 July 1955, and for decades it was the only channel in the country. ETV’s task is to promote and propagate Estonian national culture, and record, introduce and preserve its best achievements, taking also into consideration the interests of minority groups. ETV offers programming to all age groups of viewers including popular daily evening news show, education, science, culture, lifestyle, current affairs and entertainment programmes and sports coverage.

ETV2 is the second TV channel of Estonian Public Broadcasting. It went live on 8 August 2008 in time to broadcast Beijing’s 2008 Olympic Games. The channel has been digital from the beginning. After the Olympic Games of 2008 it offered children’s broadcasts and pop concerts in the evenings. Since 2009, ETV2’s programming has consisted of outstanding cultural and educational broadcasts, documentaries, TV shows and films. It has a special daily children’s slot and daily news broadcast in Russian.

A third channel for the Estonian Russian-speaking community is due to be launched in early 2016.
- Brand new political current affairs (one-offs on very current political events or crises happening in the world - no social issues or historical themes) - ETV
- Classical music and dance documentaries - flexible length - ETV
- Brand new wildlife 52' (blue-chip wildlife series) - ETV
- Brand new science one-offs or series (popular science programmes on human body, space etc.) 52' - ETV2
- Brand new creative documentaries with a strong human story - flexible length (top documentary features - films that usually do well at international documentary festivals) - ETV2
Policy & Volume of Acquisition As of September 2014:
ETV had 34.5% of foreign acquisitions.
ETV2 had 41.1% of foreign acquisitions.

The two channels broadcasted altogether 417 hours of acquired non-Estonian programming in September 2014.

Some thematic programming is aired: for example '"Human Rights" each October.
Language Acquire Estonian and Russian language rights - subtitle.
Audience ETV: family-oriented, mainstream
ETV2: cultural channel, but also broadcasts children's programmes.
Prices EUR 500-600/h
Length Mostly 52', but also feature-length
Territories Estonia
Licence 3 years terrestrial, 3 runs + 7 days catch-up internet streaming
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