CEO/Managing Director

Flimmit is the only independent VoD platform in Austria and today distributes over 2,000 films, documentaries, TV series, art-house, independent and niche films, mainly of European origin. The company was founded in 2007 by Karin Haager, Uli Mueller-Uri and Walter Huber.

Flimmit has won awards on numerous occasions for its innovative business idea and its technical implementation. It is today one of the most innovative IP video service providers across the German-speaking countries.

Furthermore Flimmit has gained valued experience in the areas of content supply and distribution, e-commerce systems and in the administration and the clearance of licences. With the content being available on various devices – cable networks & ISPs, online, Smart TVs, mobiles and tablets, Flimmit plans to be a gateway and will be able to deliver content technically simply and with different service levels.

Flimmit is also a partner in EuroVoD, a network of independent European Video on Demand platforms specialising in art-house films and independent cinema.

BUYER PROFILE 08.04.2014

Genres Docs & Factual | Feature Films | Drama
Looking for Flimmit and its partners (EuroVoD) are mainly looking for European arthouse, feature-length films and documentaries. Flimmit: every film is welcome. Flimmit decides on a film-by-film basis whether it is interested and whether to meet the digitisation costs. EuroVod: mainly looking for arthouse-theatre feature-length films, but it depends on the film. Through EuroVoD, Flimmit also acquires for iTunes Europe.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition Focus on European arthouse and independent movies and on festival films.
Language Flimmit: German EuroVoD: English, French, Spanish; subtitles are also possible.
Prices From EUR 0-5,000 - it depends on the film.
Length Depends on the film and the platform, from short to long content – everything is possible.
Territories Flimmit: German-speaking Europe EuroVoD: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, UK etc.
Licence Non-exclusive VoD with no MG; Exclusive VoD with MG.