Director, International Acquisitions

PBS International is the worldwide co-production and distribution arm of PBS Distribution – representing independent producers from the US and abroad, as well as several American public television stations.
Jointly owned by PBS (Arlington, VA) and WGBH (Boston, MA).
PBS International has a catalogue of over 500 hours of top-quality science, history, current affairs, human interest, arts/culture, children’s and lifestyle programming.

BUYER PROFILE 08-04-2014

Genres Docs & Factual
Looking for Science, history, social issues, current affairs, art and culture At MIPTV 2014, history and science programmes are of special interest for PBS International.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition PBS International is seeking independent programmes for distribution. It also looks at proposals or works-in-progress. For pre-sales or co-productions, the producer's prior track record, relevance and nature of the subject, and the amount of production funding already raised (at least 50%) are major considerations. The proposals submitted have to complement the schedule. 50 documentaries are bought per year (singles, mini-series or limited series).
Prices Up to six figures
Length Hour-length works best for one-offs, mini-series or series.
Territories Worldwide
Updated post-MipTV 2014