Head of Acquisition and Dubbing
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Genres Kids & Teens | Animation | Docs & Factual | Drama
Company Description NRK Super is a Norwegian public TV channel aimed at children, run by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), launched in 2007.
It is the the largest and most succesful children’s broadcaster in Norway both in terms of ratings and audience satisfaction.
NRK Super includes a digital TV channel (6:30 am – 7:30 pm), digital radio (24 hours), a free VOD (FVOD) player and an extensive website, apps and presence on social media and YouTube.
NRK Super offers 5,000 hours of creative multi-genre content annually for its core audience of 2-12 year-olds.
NRK (and NRK Super) is a non-commercial channel.

Average market share for its linear television is 38% in target group 2-12 year-olds.
The NRK/NRK Super Player has the highest weekly use among 2-12 year olds.
Their vision is to be: The strongest community for all children in Norway.

Looking for Good story-driven programmes with strong children's characters.
No feature-length programmes, but short films are welcome (around 25 minutes).
Keywords: Humorous, non-violent, contemporary family constellations and gender representation.
They are looking right now for good drama series for children aged 10 to 12, as well as animation and live action for 6-9 year-olds.
Animated series and specials of all genres, factual, entertainment, edutainment, drama series, sitcom, reality.
Interactive and educational programming that works across platforms is welcomed.
Experimental short form content is also something they are looking into now.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 75% acquisitions, mainly from Europe, Canada, Australia and the US, but they are also open to other markets.
This represents approx. 400 hours per year.
Formats are normally developed and produced in-house, but they are always open to considering new ideas.
Documentaries are also mainly produced in-house.
Kids are changing preferences for platforms, patterns and products faster than the distribution markets are able to follow. NRK Super needs to be where the kids are and is therefore negotiating for platform-neutral rights. FVOD rights are vital to them.
No more co-production outside Scandinavia at present.
Pre-buys are still possible.
Language Dub almost everything; must have international sound.
Audience 2-12 years old.
Prices The average price is EUR 2-3,000 per hour.
Length From 1’ to 28’. Series.
Territories Norway
Licence 3 years platform neutral.
Possibly 1 to 2 years exclusivity.
Contact by Send an episode, script synopsis. Images are very important.
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