NRK-Norwegian Broadcasting Company

Acquisition Controller, Documentaries
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Genres Docs & Factual
Company Description The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation is a public service broadcaster owned by the government.
It has a market share of almost 40%
It operates: NRK1, NRK1, HD, NRK2, NRK3, NRK Super.
NRK1 is the main channel and appeals to broad segments of the population, with a varied content offer (general channel – domestic affairs, but also runs international documentaries). It has a 30% market share.
NRK2 shows documentaries, drama series, comedies and news: 5% market share
NRK3 is a digital TV channel aimed at youth and young adults (target age: 18-30): factual entertainment; life style, music, humour, educational games; slots for documentary series available: 4% market share
NRK Super is a children's TV channel (morning programmes on NRK3).
A new VOD online service has been launched successfully.
Looking for Documentaries, any kind of non-fiction or non-children’s programme.
For NRK2: current affairs and history (anniversaries, cold war).
Science, human stories.
Factual entertainment.
Music slot: Ballet, classical music, but not educational.
Thematic weeks:WW2, ecology (green cities, urbanisation, climate, new forms of energy).
No feature length slots, but they broadcast approx. 10 of them at the end of the summer.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition Acquisitions represent 40% of the programming, in-house 50%, independent Scandinavian productions 10%, representing 20% of the TV budget.  
Co-productions are possible if a Norwegian partner is involved; pre-sale also possible.
NRK 2 has reduced its documentary slots in order to broadcast more series and factual entertainment targeting young adults.

Language Original version accepted. (Clean versions required, NRK subtitles.)
Prices Acquisitions: EUR 3,000/hour average
Pre sales: standard commitment letter EUR 5,000.
Length 45' or series of 45'; 52'; 90' (lesser demand for this length).
Licence 3 years, 5 runs + 30 days' VOD rights compulsory.
Other contacts Carina Bordewich - Acquisition Executive
Irene Huse/Elin Raustol/Annelene Soyland - Children’s programmes
Aira Planting, Program Acquisitions, Documentaries
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